The power of your Subconscious mind is a book by Joseph Murphy, talking about the power of our thoughts and what we put in our conscious mind, is what dictates the subconscious mind. Those who read self help books might already know some of the techniques mentioned in the book if not, I’m here to tell you the key principles described in the book.

It is said that a average person talks to themselves about 50000 times in a day and what you tell yourself is very important as it is what you put in your conscious mind = subconscious mind

Key Principles

  1. Control Your Thoughts: “You are what you think” a famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson and one which defines the book in a single sentence, the main principle of the books is control your thoughts meaning you should train your mind in such a way that no negative thought should come to your mind, which reminds me of a chapter for ‘The monk who sold a Ferrari‘ by Robin Sharma which is opposition thinking which tells us to transform a negative thought in a positive one.
  2. Mastering Law of Attraction: The Law of Attraction, if someone doesn’t is in simple words Imagining yourself of achieving a goal that you currently haven’t achieved. The Goal can be anything you want, Law of attraction is explained very well in the book or the movie ‘The Secret’. A simple trick you can use to master this art is 45 minutes before you sleep envision your self achieving everything in your life or what you want in your life it can be financial, family, recreation, your physique, etc. If you do this everyday you will change your subconscious which will in turn change you.
  3. Overcome worry : Worrying is root for most of the mental health related problems. Worrying about your future, family, etc. is not helpful for your physical body main illnesses can stem from worry and stress. Most people worry about things that haven’t even happened yet. As you read above what you put in your conscious shapes your subconscious, so if you fill your conscious with worry you will attract that in your life. I’d suggest rather than worrying fill positive thoughts in your mind.

Apply these Principles!

Try applying this principles for a week and see how you feel, how happy you feel. From my point of view you’ll enjoy the 45 minutes before you sleep exercise more than anything and which will be very helpful to you and having a positive mindset.

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