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Barcelona Terrible without Messi

After the recent 3-0 defeat against Bayern, Barcelona has proved that they are terrible without Messi. As a Barcelona fan myself it’s already hard to see Barca without Messi, seeing them play is even more painful. If you stay in India you have to stay up past midnight to watch last night’s game and to…

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Dead poet’s Society

If you live in India you have probably watched Mohabbatein which in most sense is an Indian remake of Dead poet’s Society. If you have watched it (Dead poet’s society) great if not take the time out your day to watch it. I presume that most Indian students will relate to the movie as all…

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The Power of your Subconscious Mind

The power of your Subconscious mind is a book by Joseph Murphy, talking about the power of our thoughts and what we put in our conscious mind, is what dictates the subconscious mind. Those who read self help books might already know some of the techniques mentioned in the book if not, I’m here to…

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